Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

T-YOU; RANTS & RAVES Class Sizes Have Gone Up Anyway in Duval

Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

T-YOU; RANTS & RAVES Class Sizes Have Gone Up Anyway in Duval

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Why would anyone vote to increase class sizes when the Duval County School Board increases them and then tells parents that they are trying to hire teachers? School started in August and we get the same answer to our question. When is this going to happen? The new high school has 50 students in some classes. The students and teachers are being shortchanged. Does the superintendent care? He should have had this problem taken care of in early September.


I am in agreement with the [letter] submitted on Oct. 8 by Roger Gobler of Jacksonville. He points out that, "toll roads back up traffic, use more fuel for drivers and certainly pollute the air." As one driver of many who can remember the toll roads around Jacksonville, they sure add to the traffic problems of Jacksonville and darn sure don't help it any. So before the politicians of Jacksonville jump too fast to add toll roads back again, remember, eventually you will come up for re-election again, and you may not win again either. The voters have woken up, and we won't be caught asleep ever again. So those of you in politics keep this in mind when you vote again.


Why won't the police officers ticket bicyclists who have a total disregard [for] the laws? I see them go right through red lights and stop signs and officers never ever ticket them. Because of this, those of us who do abide by the rules are being threatened by drivers because they hate "all" cyclists.


After reading that the wife of Liu Xiabo, 2010 Nobel Peace prize winner, has disappeared as she planned to visit him in prison and give him the good news, I have to once again question why almost any product I want to purchase has a "Made in China" label. China is indeed the "World's Biggest Bully" and we, the United States, stand by and do nothing. …

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