Newspaper article Gympie Times, The Qld.

Colts, Harlequins Celebrate

Newspaper article Gympie Times, The Qld.

Colts, Harlequins Celebrate

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Byline: Matthew Lee

Colts vs Valleys

Colts First Innings 183

Valleys (resuming 1 for 40)

J Ross c S Hughes b T Chandler0

K Leupold c A Batten

b T Rowlands37

P Roser lbw b Gottke23

S Walker caught behind

b Gottke14

A Leppien bowled T Chandler18

G Brook caught b Smerdon11

M Gear bowled T Chandler9

J Mills caught b T Rowlands3

R Venn lbw b T Chandler0

C Dakin bowled T Chandler0

T Mills not out


TOTAL10 for 122

Overs: 59

Fall: 0, 52, 70, 91, 109, 119, 119, 120, 120, 120

Bowling: T Chandler 20-2-48-5, R Gottke 10-1-27-2, A Smerdon 12-6-14-1, T Rowlands 15-3-21-2, B Gear 2-0-8-0, G Waugh 1-1-0-0

Colts Second Innings

J Waugh caught b C Dakin25

M Watson bowled K Leupold8

S Hughes ct M Gear b R Venn27

R O'Brien bowled C Dakin16

A Cross bowled G Brook40

A Smerdon not out31

T Chandler caught b J Ross1

A Batten bowled J Mills35

G Waugh not out8


TOTAL7 for 194

Overs: 29

Fall: 11, 60, 63, 117, 121, 129, 180

Bowling: R Venn 6-1-38-1, K Leupold 5-0-24-1, P Roser 4-0-39-0, C Dakin 5-0-24-2, G Brook 2-0-5-1, J Ross 2-0-14-1, A Leppien 3-0-32-0, J Mills 3-0-27-1

Result: Colts win on first innings

Wests vs Harlequins

Wests First Innings 215

Harlequins (resuming 1 for 77)

D Shepperson lbw B Sauer32

M Walsh caught b B Long57

S Symonds lbw S Reedman2

S Zahner c N McKean

b S Reedman20

P Kross c N McKean b B Sauer12

S Ringuet c N McKean

b M Blinco50

T Kross bowled M Blinco34

B Robinson not out13

L Wheeler c N McKean b M Blinco9



Overs: 67

Fall: 69, 86, 118, 118, 151, 223, 224, 248

Bowling: H Buzzacott 9-0-42-0, M Blinco 11.5-0-60-3, B Sauer 16-4-33-2, S Reedman 15-4-51-2, B Long 12-4-18-1, C Stelmech 3-1-10-0, R McIntosh 2-0-17-0

Wests Second Innings

N McKean c L Wheeler b T Lally20

S McIntosh c M Walsh b T Lally17

D Durie c B Robinson b P Kross21

C Stelmech bowled D Chandler4

B Sauer c J Symons b P Kross4

R McIntosh caught b P Kross7

S Reedman not out9

K Glasgow not out3



Overs: 25

Fall: 35, 40, 47, 77, 81, 81

Bowling: T Lally 7-0-37-2, T Kross 4-2-3-0, D Chandler 5-2-8-1, L Wheeler 4-0-18-0, P Kross 4-0-15-3, S Zahner 2-0-12-0

Result: Harlequins win on first innings

THE last day of the opening round of two-day fixtures resulted in first innings points for A-grade sides Colts and Harlequins at the weekend. …

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