Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

Monday Morning Quarterback

Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

Monday Morning Quarterback

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Reaction from fans after the Jaguars' 42-20 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday:

The two defensive back coaches need to be replaced, and take D-Coordinator Mel Tucker with you. And they thought getting rid of Reggie Nelson would solve their problems. Let me guess ... Gerald Alexander re-signed for next week.

Tucker, Amelia Island

Everyone thinks Rashean Mathis is our best secondary player. The fact is he is a poor tackler, often out of position and is quickly losing his cover skills. Do you really think we could get even a seventh-round draft pick if we traded him?

John, Jacksonville

Pretty in Pink, Ugly on Field.

Laurie, Amelia Island

Don't believe Rashean Mathis and the rest of the Del Rio defense have anything to worry about with the new crackdown on hits and being fined. In fact, the league may end up reimbursing this group.

Dan, Jacksonville

Four losses by 25, 25, 27 and 22 points, respectively - this should send a clear message to Weaver: Please prepare interviews for head coach AND defensive coordinator/secondary coach positions because someone on that staff is getting a pink slip in the morning.

Will, Jacksonville

I am sick and tired of hearing about how good a player Rashean Mathis is. He couldn't cover a baby crib with a king-size quilt. He is a tackling dummy and an embarrassment to our already laughable secondary. Please trade him for a fifth-round pick and get a kid with heart and not afraid to get dirty.

Dave, Jacksonville

Yet another 20+ point shelling! If GM Gene is so good, then why didn't the genius think that we might need some DBs this year instead of only D-lineman? So far, his draft picks don't look any more impressive than Shack's. Suffer out this season, and beg Cowher or Parcells to jump on this grenade.

Dennis, Chesapeake, Va. …

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