CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENTS; No on No. 4, Yes for the Rest

Article excerpt

Tomorrow: A summary of our major picks, including Marco Rubio for Senate and Alex Sink for governor.

Several important amendments to the Florida Constitution are on the statewide ballot.

This editorial page supports all of them, except Amendment 4, which would result in direct election for changes to comprehensive land use plans.

Amendment 4 proposes a radical solution to a legitimate issue. Supporters are right about comprehensive plans being changed too often and that citizens often do not have enough involvement and power when pitted against powerful development interests.

But the best result is to defeat Amendment 4, then have the Florida Legislature implement recommendations from 1,000 Friends of Florida. One of the recommendations supported by this page would be a requirement for a super majority vote for any comprehensive plan changes.

Other important amendments on the ballot:


Barack Obama turned down federal funding for his campaign in 2008, one strong argument against the liberal support for government funding of elections.

In an era of the Internet, big business or big labor don't have the same advantages they used to have. Now, one person with a crack social network can compete.

It's certainly not worth having taxpayers funding elections.

Amendment One on the ballot would help the Legislature stop funding elections.

The amendment wouldn't stop funding elections altogether, only when it is determined that there are more pressing needs. …


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