Cameron Plan to Measure Happiness Branded 'Voodoo Sociology'

Article excerpt

Byline: Joe Murphy Political Editor

A BID by David Cameron to measure the nation's happiness was dismissed as "tosh" by one of his MPs today.

The Office of National Statistics is being asked to come up with questions to show whether people are getting more or less content.

It follows a series of promises by the Prime Minister to make the concept of "general well-being" or GWB, as important as GDP as a measure of national success. The Prime Minister argues that there is "more to life than money".

Tory MP Peter Bone said the idea of a happiness index was a waste of money. "At a time when the eurozone is about to collapse, when we're paying [pounds sterling]18.5 billion to the European Union, it seems strange we'll be spending money on gauging people's happiness. It's a non-story, it will go away." Another Tory MP dismissed the plan as "gesture politics".

Ukip MEP Godfrey Bloom called it "voodoo sociology". "I can guarantee that the only results will be greater spending, greater bossing around and a decrease in happiness across the board," he said. …


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