Newspaper article Gympie Times, The Qld.

Ancient Epic Inspires Latest Art Exhibition

Newspaper article Gympie Times, The Qld.

Ancient Epic Inspires Latest Art Exhibition

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A LARGE crowd gathered to witness the opening of three new exhibitions at the Gympie Regional Gallery on Friday, November 12. In The Gympie Times Exhibition Space the exhibition "ARK a inspired by the Epic of Gilgamesha by Sally Spencer was opened by Dr Lisa Chandler who is the senior lecturer of art and design at the Sunshine Coast University.

"ARKa is the story of Gilgamesh the Mesopotamian king of Ancient Uruk who went on a quest with his hairy friend Enkidu to find the cedar forest that is guarded by Hambaba the scary monster. He finds the cedar forest and kills him.

This angers the Goddess Ishta who sends the a[approximately]Bull from Heavena to avenge him but Gilgamesh kills the bull too.

This really angers Ishta who gets her revenge by causing Enkidu to sicken and die. Gilgamesh is stricken by grief at the death of his friend and sets off to find the secret of immortality and after many adventures he met Uta nipishti (an early form of Noah) who tells him there will be a terrible flood.

Uta nipishti is told to build a boat and take all the a[approximately]seed of all living creatures' into it. Uta nipishti eventually tells Gilgamesh that the secret of immortality resides in a plant that is found at the bottom of the ocean.

Gilgamesh finds this plant and after his big ordeal he is tired, so has a rest, and while he sleeps a snake comes and steals the plant! Gilgamesh is devastated and realises that it is the will of the gods that amana will age and die.

Sally Spencer has illustrated this ancient story using clay, a[approximately]the stuff of the Earth' to make sculptures of human like gods that surround an ark, paper-clay tablets and animals beautifully surfaced with a smoky finish from being fired in sawdust.

Ancient cuneiform writing, the oldest form of writing in existence dates from 3000 a 4000 BCE, is the inspiration of an art work that reminds us of birds flying off into an ancient land. …

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