Newspaper article The Northern Star (Lismore, Australia)

Ending Cup Day Holiday Wrong; Lismore Cup Promotes City and Businesses

Newspaper article The Northern Star (Lismore, Australia)

Ending Cup Day Holiday Wrong; Lismore Cup Promotes City and Businesses

Article excerpt

Byline: RICHMOND RACING Grahame timbrell

EXCUSE me, but did I go to sleep at the wheel and miss the second exit off the roundabout?

What on earth is Lismore's Business Promotional Panel thinking in even contemplating a move to ditch the Lismore Cup half-day holiday?

If they are serious Co and surely the majority of members can't support this idea Co the panel should immediately delete the word "promotional'' from its title.

Otherwise they could be prosecuted for false advertising.

The Macquarie Dictionary defines the word promotional as "to advance, upgrade."

How does suggesting to Lismore City Council that it not support the holiday advance Lismore or promote the business centre?

To start with cup day receives nationwide coverage through the media.

Is there any other event that promotes Lismore in this way?

Many thousands of dollars are spent in the city on cup day outfits, planes into Lismore and Ballina are booked out by people from outside the area coming here for race day and bringing money with them, accommodation is booked out and don't even mention trying to get into a club or pub on cup night.

These are all factors which all generate important turnover through the city.

Then there is the festive atmosphere of cup day itself.

If the holiday goes Lismore Turf Club will be forced to reduce cup day to a mere shell of what it is now and all that will be lost.

The panel's new City Centre manager, Moira Bennett, says she was speaking on behalf of retailers who did not want to be quoted when she dropped this bombshell.

Strange that just after she arrives in the city and with no knowledge of just how important this event is to Lismore the issue should suddenly arise.

And these anonymous retailers can't be too committed to the cause if they don't want their names put to such a ridiculous idea. Maybe they are too embarrassed.

If retailers are so set against the holiday why they do embrace the club's cup carnival window dressing competition so enthusiastically?

One of the panel's arguments is that people from outside the area don't know it is a half-day holiday and are annoyed because shops are shut.

Oh, please. …

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