Newspaper article News Mail Bundaberg Qld.

Ode to the Mighty Ghan

Newspaper article News Mail Bundaberg Qld.

Ode to the Mighty Ghan

Article excerpt

Red and raunchy- long and sleek- with thundering engines

Fit for a Sheik

The Mighty- Ghan' freight link- and passenger train

Will ply the red deserts- again and again.

A kilometre long- huge and branded- the Ghan will hoist up South Australia's standard.

Through Port Augusta- The a[approximately]Alice'- and Tennant Creek too,

Coober Pedy left in her wake- as she flew thru'.

These desert-sands the Red Centre- of Indigenous Lands,

Crowds flock, to wave and gawk- some drove- some ran

Some even did walk

To see the a[approximately]Mighty Ghan'- result of a twentieth century

Birth pang- how long- ninety years?

Steel rail- road tracks- clang

And flex, in the desert heat

Passing thousands- as with History they did meet.

One would have thought that- a train was common place

a[approximately]Ah' no this one- as she did race

Time was no object- but the link the Ghan did mend,

As she roared on mightily- and did fend

The startled roos and stock- as she traversed

The a[approximately]Old Red Rock'

Camels and emus- all raced off in fright

This, then- was their very first sight

Of such a monster- bellowing out a roar-

As the a[approximately]Mighty Ghan'- drove right through

Their a[approximately]own front door'

She'd come from Adelaide- and for Darwin she was bound,

Picking up Dignitaries- from all around. …

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