Newspaper article The Journal (Newcastle, England)

Check Your Technique; DAVID FAIRLAMB Has More Fitness Tips

Newspaper article The Journal (Newcastle, England)

Check Your Technique; DAVID FAIRLAMB Has More Fitness Tips

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With all the recent bad weather staying at home to train is a perfect option. My Fat Attack Circuits can be completed in 25 minutes with little or no equipment.

NUTRITION CORNER On average we eat times the amount of that we actually need day. Reduce the salt during cooking and at table will help.

December is a busy month for most people and going to the gym is often low on the priority list. It''s important to keep the consistency with your training and food especially through December which is why these circuits work so well.

This week it is all legs! Always make sure you warm up before each workout and cool down and stretch after. Work at your own pace and if there is an exercise you are unable to perform, miss it out or add your own.

Here is this week's circuit. Check The Journal video section for my demonstrations.

DAVID FAIRLAMB'S FAT ATTACK CIRCUIT 3-4 salt each Duration of the session: 20-25 minutes Time per station: 20- 5 seconds Rest time between stations: 15 seconds Rest time between circuits: 90 seconds intake the What you need: A skipping rope and if you have one a mini trampoline Warm up and cool down: 4-5 minutes walk or jog exaggerating the arm movements to warm the body up. Be sensible on your 1st circuit until you feel fully If you you snacks a buffet before on warm. Cool down with an easy walk or jog on the spot followed by some stretching, see my warm up video. Session time starts after your warm up.

EXERCISES MOTIQUStay positive life, remember always worse off sight Lunge Lift your knee up and forward so there is a large range of movement during the exercise and keep your body upright and your shoulders back Skipping The quicker the speed the better. Your are aiming to jump your heart rate Lunge (Different angle) Alternate your legs lunging at ten and two o''clock. …

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