Ruction in Gardens of Eden; Community Voices Its Fears over Plans for a 22-Home Land Sharing Project near Kyogle

Article excerpt

Byline: DIGBY HILDRETH Real estate editor

PLANS for a 22-home a[approximately]rural land sharing project' have caused a commotion in the Eden Creek community.

Neighbours of the 80ha property in Afterlee Road, 17km from Kyogle, have a range of fears about the scheme, which used to be called a multiple occupancy development.

They believe the residentialproject will create problems witheffluent control and noise, be unsightly and cause a drop in property values.

"We are also worried about the type of people it will attract," said Kyogle real estate agent James Byatt, who owns a 40ha adjoining property and is spokesman for the group of a[approximately]concerned neighbours'.

"They will not be hard-working taxpayers, people who will improve the community," he said.

Another in the group, Cameron Gibbs, who came to Kyogle from the Blue Mountains, said he was concerned about his assets.

"We like the rural lifestyle and we don't want people on the dole coming out here and borrowing our machinery," he said.

The group also believes thatKyogle Council will be ineffective in controlling what type of dwellings will be built on the site if the development application is approved. …


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