Newspaper article Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)

Council Gets the Blame; Your Shout

Newspaper article Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)

Council Gets the Blame; Your Shout

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LIVING on the 24th floor I can see for quite a distance. This Newcastle City Council should be absolutely ashamed, considering the bad weather we had last year, they should have learned some lessons from it but all they are interested in is hanging onto their jobs I suppose.

I guess the road taxes, etc, are only there to keep them in their highly paid jobs and not to ensure that there is enough grit to make sure everyone can use their cars safely.

The main roads into and out of the city have been gritted and the men who have this job deserve thanks for working so hard throughout the night to keep them clear.

I have watched drivers getting stuck in estates, trying hard to just keep their cars moving.

Shield Street used at one time, to be gritted but no more, getting in and out of Shieldfield and Sandyford has become almost impossible. Drivers are finding Helmsley Road impossible, they get to the junction with Portland Road and their cars are simply sliding backwards and you can see it is difficult to simply keep control of their vehicles.

Not a single lesson has been learned from last year.

You do not see this sort of thing in Finland or Norway or Switzerland. They cope. They do whatever they have to do to keep everything working.

I would like to see every driver who has had an accident, which in the main is due to the lack of gritting to the roads, get together and take legal action against the council.

Most of the accidents I witnessed from my window last year were not due to bad driving, they were due to the fact that Newcastle City Council had not got the gritters out in time, or because they ran out of grit. I have watched cars slide slowly and sometimes sideways, into roundabouts and bollards and also into each other. It is a shambles.

VIOLET J LATTIMER, Shieldfield, Newcastle upon Tyne Nigel Hails, Newcastle City Council's director of neighbourhood services, said: "This year's early heavy and sustained snowfall has given councils up and down the country considerable challenges - not least in Newcastle. …

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