Newspaper article Sunshine Coast Daily (Maroochydore, Australia)

Ain't Christmas a Grand Time?

Newspaper article Sunshine Coast Daily (Maroochydore, Australia)

Ain't Christmas a Grand Time?

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IF YOU have a good memory and if you are a follower of this fabulous column you will know what I wrote about exactly one year ago. If you are slack of memory, then no matter, you'll guess anyway. I talked about Christmas, of course, and all the baubles that go with it.

If I recall (my own memory is rather slack), last year I wrote about getting out all the Christmas decorations from the year before and the years before that (it's been so long since we bought new ones) and finding them dowdy and me a little depressed.

I do remember telling you I'd probably be writing about those same decorations 12 months later a and by jove, I was right.

Year after year, I got out the same red Christmas balls, the same little silver angels, the same perky red bows, the sad tangle of lights. Putting the tree up didn't excite me. All I could think of was the chore of taking it all down again in a couple of weeks.

The Christmas spirit had deserted me. Well, I'm happy to tell, it's back this year.

The red balls, the little silver angels, the perky red bows have all taken on a sparkling new life despite being stuffed in boxes in a dark cupboard under the stairs for a year.

The reason? What else? ... Grandchildren. My, oh my, what a difference those little darlings make to a jaded Christmas spirit.

Up went the tree this year, on went the rejuvenated decorations, entwined went a new set of lights, and around came grand-daughter number one with all the excited innocence of an almost-two-year- old.

The dear little one ran around the tree, marvelling at the twinkling lights, touching the red bows and balls, calling to me to enjoy it with her. Her excitement made me feel reborn.

Grand-daughter number two is just eight months and although she won't much care about the tree and what Santa might bring, she, too, has given me much Christmas joy.

It's the shopping. I've spent some decent time in toy shops these past couple of weeks and it's been quite the revelation. …

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