Newspaper article Sunshine Coast Daily (Maroochydore, Australia)

Dear Santa, All I Want Is an iPod ... and a Little Love!

Newspaper article Sunshine Coast Daily (Maroochydore, Australia)

Dear Santa, All I Want Is an iPod ... and a Little Love!

Article excerpt

THE deep slumber I so desperately needed was disturbed by a gentle tickling on my face, followed by the heavy breathing of someone pretending he wasn't trying hard to wake me.

Reluctantly I opened an eye-lid Co the only incentive he needed to say "hooray, you're awake mom".

Awake I wasn't. Curious at to what was on my face I was.

Thankfully it was a piece of paper and not some spider or scary creature they'd picked up in my garden.

It was a piece of paper with a note from Samuel, my eight-year-old know-it-all.

"Dear Santa", it read, which was curious as for the past two years Samuel has denied the existence of Santa with the fervour of an atheist.

"All I want for Christmas is an iPod TouchC*" it went.

"Also your love," he smartly included.

Then to cover his bases in case Santa really didn't exist he wrote: "that's all I want Santa, mom, dad, granny, aunty Rella, Uncle Robert (his only Australian relatives) whoever, that's all I want for Christmas, okay."

An iPod Touch Co or some other equivalent his friend has Co is definitely not going to be making a magic appearance in his stocking (sorry Sam).

I was amazed he could even think he would get it. What happened to the simple goodies you could pick up for under $50 that would make them shriek with glee?

We tried in October to teach them just how spoiled they were. We made them watch an excellent American DVD called Rich. It is a short and compelling account of how obesely indulged we are. It says something along the lines of most of the world could have running water for the cost of what Americans spend on ice-cream each year.

For a short while after, we were all determined to be different. We decided we were going to set aside money we'd spend on extras, like ice-cream, and put it in a jar on top of the fridge to spend on something worthwhile for Christmas. …

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