Doctors Praise New Practice; Medical Specialists Take Up Positions at $2.5 Million GP Super Clinic

Article excerpt

DOCTOR Simon Barnett was at first critical when the Federal Government announced plans three years ago to set up a GP Super Clinic at the University of Queensland's Ipswich campus.

Like other Ipswich GPs, Dr Barnett feared the $2.5 million clinic would drive established doctors out of their practices by duplicating services.

Now he's very much a clinic supporter, as one of two resident GPs at the recently opened facility.

"I see this as an opportunity to blend my clinical work with teaching Co to influence doctors of tomorrow," Dr Barnett said.

"What we're striving for is best practice.

"I felt that it was an opportunity to really make a difference.

"My patients have been absolutely delighted with how serene, fresh and invigorating the clinic is."

Dr Barnett said the clinic was targeting new residents of Ipswich, including families in the Australian Defence Force.

"A lot of the Ipswich practices have found it difficult to have the capacity to take on new patients," he said.

English-trained Dr Rob Kielty came to work at the clinic last month. …