Newspaper article News Mail Bundaberg Qld.

Help in Troubled Times

Newspaper article News Mail Bundaberg Qld.

Help in Troubled Times

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The world


to Jack

with Jack McGovern

LOOKING through my recently purchased edition of Bundaberg in Pictures a 140 Years of History, I couldn't quite believe what I saw.

It wasn't the incredible progress our fine city has made throughout those 140 years that raised my eyebrows.

Nor was it the remarkable sense of family and camaraderie beaming from almost all of the book's snapshots.

Not even visual evidence of the fact that certain older friends of mine were in fact my age once a albeit before I was born a could startle me.

After all, I already knew those things about Bundaberg; seeing photos of my non-Generation Y buddies in their younger years only gave me reassurance.

What really had me puzzled was this: how could such a flat city like Bundaberg go through enormous floods as these pictures showed?

Now I know.

Somewhere in between thinking aNo waya and seeing first hand the extraordinary levels the Burnett River can reach, it became not so implausible after all.

For some of us in particular, floods, rain and pretty much anything else that even remotely relates to water are probably the last things you want to read about right now.

I must admit, I've been having nightmares of getting washed away through the Bundaberg CBD, running in fear from flash floods and even being attacked by water pistols for days now.

I can't even fill up my pets' water bowls without having to pause on several occasions to take a few deep breaths.

As a once-in-50-years-style flood rips through the Burnett River and all that stands in its path, I don't think too many locals or hopeful passers-through are immune to this water phobia of which I speak.

Few city centre businesses have been left unaffected. Few low-lying houses have been left untouched. …

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