Hang Up Now to Get Some Peace

Article excerpt

IN SO many ways, the aAl Caponea rules our lives.

Of course you are right, I'm referring to the telephone.

It is almost impossible to imagine a world without this invasion of privacy.

Think for a moment a surely it is not that hard!

Just imagine that for today there is a complete blackout on every form of telecommunication.

Your world and theirs would probably completely shut down for 24 hours.

Good or bad?

I don't know a that's your call.

The telephone, or by its original title aelectrical speech machinea, has always been a contentious issue.

More so now than ever before.

Excuse me readers, the phone just rang.

aNo, I'm not interested in your bloody surveya a click!

Sorry about that folks a where was I?

That's right a actually there was a great debate as to who invented the telephone.

However, that was settled and accredited to Alexander Graham Bell in 1876.

This led the American president Rutherford B Hayes to drop this clanger after taking part that year in a trial phone conversation.

aThat (telephone) is an amazing invention, but who would ever want to use one of them? …


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