Newspaper article The Journal (Newcastle, England)

Company Linking in with New Software

Newspaper article The Journal (Newcastle, England)

Company Linking in with New Software

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Byline: John Hill

AFEW months ago, interactive video company decided to go back to the drawing board with its software after receiving several requests from clients that the first version couldn't deliver.

While the first product represented a dip of the toe into new waters, the Newcastle firm now says version two offers the flexibility and simplicity to make the company a leading player in this global market in future.

The four-year-old business offers software which allows publishers to lay various graphics over the top of videos, whether it's updated odds for live betting, current share prices, quiz questions or a link to a shop selling that handbag that just appeared on screen.

Co-founder Tod Yeadon said: "It's a niche market right now, and it's an early-stage business, but there's a good chance this could put the North East right at the forefront of video online."

The first version of was road-tested by high-profile clients such as the Telegraph newspaper, who overlaid an interactive video poll on footage from Tony Blair and Gordon Brown's testimony at the Iraq enquiry. However, the company decided to take the product apart and start afresh. It is currently soft-launching version two with a small group of "high-end users" such as Endemol, the National Lottery and the Telegraph, and is attracting interest from several online media companies.

Yeadon said: "Version one was very limited in what you could do.

With voting, for example, you could only put it at the end of video and there were other constraints. Version two allows you to put it before or even stop the video and insert a question. You can also input all kinds of different images and use them in different ways. There's now a greater degree of control and functionality. It's about empowering the publisher so it can set things up exactly as it wants."

While does offer to set up the overlays for a client if it wishes, a major selling point of the product is that it allows the user to do it themselves. …

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