Newspaper article Coffs Coast Advocate (Coffs Harbour, Australia)

Whitey A[euro][approximately]arks' Up over Flooding

Newspaper article Coffs Coast Advocate (Coffs Harbour, Australia)

Whitey A[euro][approximately]arks' Up over Flooding

Article excerpt

WHO around the Coffs Coast hasn't been counting their blessings this week while watching flood disasters around the nation?

Yesterday, there were current flood warnings in every State and Territory (including Tasmania) other than the ACT, but the main focus was always South-East Queensland and the brave, stoic people who, in the worst of times, make you feel proud to belong to this country.

The leadership of Premier Anna Bligh and her a[approximately]lieutenants' a the mayors of their respective cities a has been awe-inspiring, backed up by a Prime Minister who looked awkward at the start but grew more comfortable and comforting once she realised her role was to be the backstop for Bligh.

As for the other side of politics, there were early attempts at playing wedge politics with the NBN (Abbott) and Wivenhoe Dam (Joyce), but around January 5, both appeared to have been advised this disaster-in-the-making was going to be bigger than expected.

So to their credit, they pulled their heads in and put both shoulders to the wheel.

Another positive was a prepared, workable disaster relief plan and while destruction was unavoidable, the successful inter-linking of

government, police, emergency services, media and armed forces a helped by a sensible, gutsy population a stopped an aquatic Armageddon. Naturally, the floods gave oxygen to the usual whackos with an email circulating last Tuesday making demonstrably false claims Gillard could only afford $1 million to flood relief after allocating half a billion to build Indonesian Islamic schools.

Hey, people actually believe this racist, hate-mongering rubbish.

And there's nothing like a great flood to bring out the biblical whack-jobs.

Such as self-described a[approximately]Pastor' Danny Nalliah of Catch The Fire Ministries who on his website blamed the disaster on Kevin Rudd for telling Israel to allow UN inspectors into their nuclear facilities.

Also the Lord said to us: a[approximately]I shall humble Australia and bring her down to her knees ...'

Gee, never knew good old Aussie got handed its own guernsey in the bible.

Must remember to bookmark the site for a good laugh. …

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