Newspaper article Sunshine Coast Daily (Maroochydore, Australia)

Fall from Grace Was Not All Write

Newspaper article Sunshine Coast Daily (Maroochydore, Australia)

Fall from Grace Was Not All Write

Article excerpt

WITH all that Queenslanders have been through these past weeks, it's time for a laugh. Lord knows we need one. And I know just what will make you laugh.

People falling over.

I dare you to tell me you can watch Australia's Funniest Home Videos and see a grown man jump into a kiddie pool to crash on his bum, and not hoot with laughter. Or watch a fisherman leaning too far out of his boat and falling in the drink. Surely you laugh out loud?

Admit it, you do. I don't know why we laugh at something as childish as other people falling over.

But laugh we do.

Me, I howl.

But in the interest of you not thinking me hard-hearted Co I am really a kind and caring person who does not like to see others hurt Co let me tell you my falling over story.

Fortunately, out of all the people who witnessed it, and there was an embarrassingly large number of them, none of them had a pointed camera otherwise I'd be on Australia's Funniest Home Videos and you'd be howling at me.

I cringe in the telling of it my friends, but here's what happened.

We were at the Four Seasons Resort on the Malaysian island of Langkawi (if you're going to fall over spectacularly, you may as well do it somewhere posh.) We were a group of travel writers being shown around the beautiful grounds of the resort by glamorous marketing women with frangipanis in their hair and elegant managers with impeccable manners.

We visited the resort's spa, a sanctuary within a haven within an oasis, where even more beautiful women with frangipanis in their hair joined our inspection group. Now, I've tip-toed my slippered way into some of the world's most luxurious spas in my time, but this one took me to another level. The whole place seemed to float. Pavilions hovered on reflective ponds. Outdoor showers backed on to limestone cliffs. Soaking tubs sat against a backdrop of lush jungle. …

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