Newspaper article Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)

Readers' Poems

Newspaper article Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)

Readers' Poems

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PEACE AND HARMONY The bulbs and daffodils Are coming through I love you And the world is one What more can we do But make the Earth bright We have the body And action to make a difference To give and receive For the Glory of God The Earth is alive And birds can fly We have survived The winter storm And there is talk Of the big five unions Showing their power To disrupt The Royal Wedding By people going on strike To take on the Government And spread distress And bring disorder Can we not find Better solutions and work With the Government Spring is coming For the glory of mankind KENNETH MOOD, Swalwell.

THE 4 Cs Cameron, Clegg, coalition and cuts Taxes galore, VAT going up Standing together side by side Each with a rather painted smile The working class and the very poor All having to pay the price for sure Jobs hanging on by a thread Pensioners quivering in their beds Petrol and food next on the list Another painted smile not to be missed Students a-plenty up in arms And one more promise to say that they''ll do us no harmBy S DRISCOLL.

FRIENDSHIP Each morning when I awake You are there by my side Such devotion A love you cannot hide That twinkle in your eye There for all to see Passionately you rub against me Such is your love for me How can I chastise you For the little wrongs you do I could not bear to see you cry I could never hurt you Each day as I leave You see me to the door Your big sad eyes Drooping to the floor With great anticipation You await my return Looking out the window Your heart does yearn The key in the door You hear my call Rex I shout Then you bound down the hall.

A CLIFFORD, Chester-le-Street.

THE LOVER'S LAMENT The one I love has upped and left, It hasn''t fully sunk in yet, I''m feeling hurt and all bereft And can''t believe how I''ve been tret. I never dreamt she''d prove untrue And wonder where it all went wrang, For when we met and love was new What joy and happiness it brang! It''s such a trouble to my pride, To know she''s with another man, And though I''d like to run and hide, I simply can''t think where to gan. This pain that throbs within my b re a s t , It feels just like a viper''s fang, Or like I''ve poked a hornets' nest, And got myself quite badly stang.

J ARTHUR SMALLPIECE, Jesmond, Newcastle.

WHAT'S IT CALLED? Can you pass me a drink of water please Because something is happening to me When I sit down my shoulders come up I don''t know why is it just my luck Something else is going on When my shoulders come up My voice is gone I can no longer speak In fact I just squeak I don''t think that''s right, do you? Another thing that bothers me It always comes in twos So this is what is going on Shoulders up, voice gone Shoulders down, can''t speak Take a breath then squeak I just had a chat with the lady next door She had the same it's happened before But this time it has a name Which is a bit of luck It's a funny name but a name all the same It's called hiccups JEAN CHARLES LAWS. …

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