Newspaper article The Journal (Newcastle, England)

Girls Are Clear Winners in Battle of the Sexes

Newspaper article The Journal (Newcastle, England)

Girls Are Clear Winners in Battle of the Sexes

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IT's not often there is an absolute consensus in Telfer Towers when it comes to current affairs.

Although the parentals broadly agree on most things, there's always a niggling point within the issue at hand, which separates them - and usually requires discussion. At length.

(Excuse me while I reintroduce my afternoon nap and see if I can conjure an imaginary friend from the ether.) But this week, you couldn't have swiped a credit card between them. Never before have I seen them so unanimous.

It was those football boys that did it. When they were put on the naughty step and then given a big fat red card, I genuinely thought there was the chance of a collective high five on the cards in the kitchen.

Mum reckoned she'd never liked one of them.

Apparently he used to look at the camera when he was speaking, rather than at the person he was talking to.

This could have been seen, she said, as the height of bad manners, but as it turns out, the silly in question had loftier ambitions.

Anyway, from what I can gather, no one wants to be their friend anymore because they were more than a little bit nasty to some people, just because they were girls.

What sillies indeed. They remind me of a couple of older boys I sometimes bump into at one of my soft play haunts. I'll change their names to protect their identities. Let's call them Andrew and Richie.

These two are always the first to exclude the girls from the adventures we're having... I've even seen them make a couple cry on occasion.

They never learn. Even though everyone always ends up turning their backs on them and getting on with the serious task of having as much fun as possible with as many people as you can - whether they've got pony tails or not.

I'll bet my first batch of Octonauts toys (there's a rumour they'll be out in the spring) that there was a definite lack of girls around these two monkeys when they were deciding whether they were going to be the kind of boys people like, or the kind people don't. …

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