Newspaper article Fraser Coast Chronicle (Hervey Bay, Australia)

Bye Domestic Goddess; Hi Gen Y Superwoman

Newspaper article Fraser Coast Chronicle (Hervey Bay, Australia)

Bye Domestic Goddess; Hi Gen Y Superwoman

Article excerpt

WE'VE known for a while that those lazy, self-absorbed, never-leave-home Gen-Yers would take the shirt right off your back.

What we now know however is that they'll give that shirt right back once it loses a button and needs a good iron.

They can't sew, you see.

Can't iron either.

Don't know how to cook a roast.

Are unable to grow a plant from a cutting.

Haven't got the foggiest idea about baking a lamington.

Basic domestic (read afemalea) skills are in danger of becoming extinct, according to recent research, with Gen-Y women a time poor but purse rich a preferring to send their clothes to the dry cleaners, get their cakes from the bakery, and leave the cooking of the roast chicken to the Colonel.

It's shocking stuff, particularly to those blokes out there who cherish fond hopes of finding a good little wife to cook his meals, fluff up his slippers and keep the house spick and spana[degrees].just like mum used to do.

Even etiquette expert June Dally-Watkins has weighed in on the scandal, saying agrammar and manners among women has deteriorated along with cooking and sewing skills. Gen Y could also take a leaf out of nanna's book when it comes to dress sense. Girls now wear the shortest shorts and plunging necklines that show off their bosom. They get attention but not for the right reason.a

(What that's got to do with the lamington I don't know, but go ahead and beat that drum, June.)

Now perhaps it's just my feminist hackles prickling, but what alarms me about all this is that instead of focusing on what Gen Y women can do that their grannies couldn't (such as program a computer, make sushi, and mow the lawn), the community outrage also conveniently ignores the equivalent loss of skills among Gen Y men and fails to recognise that there are plenty of women like me a far removed from a 1990s birthdate a who are managing just fine, thank you very much, to reap without being able to sew. …

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