Helper Agent Heralds New Era in Real Estate Simone Files

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OLD-fashioned honesty and trustworthiness is seldom mentioned when people talk about real estate agents.

History has shown the industry to be one of the least trusted professions and there are times that stigma is justly deserved.

However, there is a small group of real estate agents who want to make a difference and they are called a[approximately]Helper Agents'.

The official website describes a Helper Agent as aan agent who is trusted and respected for their honesty, integrity and transparency...someone who will maintain the professionalism expected while empathising with and caring for your needs.a

aIt is so very important to develop an understanding of a person's circumstances and to build a trusting relationship based on thata, explains Simone Files, professional Helper Agent and property sales consultant of Toowoomba City Realty.

aThere are many different reasons why people choose to buy or sell a home.

aApart from financial motivation if securing an investment, the decision to buy or sell is often made emotionally along with a great deal of stress.

aThe death of a family member, divorce, the birth of a child, job transfer, marriage and retirement are some of the events that can trigger the purchase or sale of a home.

aAt these times, not only is a person dealing with a plethora of personal emotions a[pounds sterling] fear, anxiety, excitement, grief, impatience a[pounds sterling] but they are also about to make what could be the biggest financial decision of their life. …