Newspaper article The Morning Bulletin (Rockhampton, Australia)

A Quick Boat Ride and They Weren't Taking No for an Answer

Newspaper article The Morning Bulletin (Rockhampton, Australia)

A Quick Boat Ride and They Weren't Taking No for an Answer

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Dusty DexterEpisode 5.

A continuous novel by Jan Richards

Let's take a ride...

THE gear from the decoy job on Friday night's still in my handbag Co capsicum spray and a Taser.

The self-defence equipment came from Red. She says I need it in case anything goes wrong, but I'm not to mention her name if anyone asks where I got


I spy the digital recorder, the decoy's best friend, find Friday night's conversation, play it while I devour the cinnamon scroll.

Talk about boats, Manny's boat. Thommo and Smart ask questions.

C[pounds sterling]How big are the donks?C[yen]

C[pounds sterling]Two Volvo engines, 775 horsepower.C[yen]

C[pounds sterling]Bet she moves.C[yen]

C[pounds sterling]Out race just about anythin'.C[yen]

C[pounds sterling]Where you keep 'er?C[yen]

C[pounds sterling]Marina.C[yen]

C[pounds sterling]What's she called?C[yen]

C[pounds sterling]The Dog House.C[yen]


C[pounds sterling]Don't suppose she's fuelled up?C[yen]

C[pounds sterling]Got 'er filled up this arvo. Weather forecast's good, no swell, takin' the wife out for a spin. Million dollar boat and she won't go out when the swell's more'n half a metre.C[yen]

C[pounds sterling]Women.C[yen]

C[pounds sterling]Prefers to sit at the marina Co drink champagne with the girls, cruise the canals, wave like the bloody


There's some stuff I can't hear, then they're back with more beers.

C[pounds sterling]Reckon we should take her out tonight, Manny, give her a trial run. Check she's all in good workin' order.C[yen]

C[pounds sterling]Bloody middle of the night.C[yen]

C[pounds sterling]Nice and still, like you said, not much swell.C[yen]

C[pounds sterling]Full moon.C[yen]

C[pounds sterling]Sneak out, give 'er a bit of a run.C[yen]

C[pounds sterling]Bugger off. …

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