Definition of Old Growth Forests Is Disputable

Article excerpt

Byline: TALKINGTIMBER Clarence Valley Branch Chairman

AN OLD growth forest is a forest that has never been naturally interfered with, for example, logging, clearing, human habitation, etc. These forests are very unique in their own right. There are other forests that are very often classified as Cyold growth' when quite frankly they are not.

Under the native vegetation act, loggers are not permitted to log in old growth forests, which is understandable but the perception of what makes up Cyold growth' is disputable.

Now everyone knows that a forest that has been logged over time is fully regenerating, fully alive with activity and extremely productive for animal habitat including insects, reptiles, frogs, birds, etc., but even though an Cyold growth' forest may look Cydead', non productive, it may well be very productive, this is by means of all of the above also hollow bearing trees for possums, marsupials etc, as well as fungi, decay which all helps to make up what we call an Cyecocycle'. …


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