Simple Depreciation; Australian-First Website Slashes Calculation Time for Accountants

Article excerpt

IF you are an accountant, which would you prefer: spending three days painstakingly trawling through 152 pages of Australian Taxation Office paperwork, or spending a few hours on a website with software calculating it for you?

Former PJT Accountants and Business Advisors CPA, Allister Pohle, left the firm to launch an Australian-first website and software last November. hit the web after some seven months of comprehensive preparation.

It is the only online tax depreciation rate finder in Australia that collates years of depreciation

information in one central place. It has been created for accountants, quantity surveyors and finance managers with the website operating on a subscription basis.

Mr Pohle had long thought there was a more efficient way to access depreciation information, but his frustration came to a head when he spent three days preparing a

depreciation schedule for a new manufacturing client.

aThat massive job helped me decide to create a website and some software to fix the current efficiency-related issue,a he said.

aI thought I had to do something about it as it must be a problem for accountants across Australia.

aUsually accountants have a software package that will help them do a depreciation calculation, but to perform it you need to determine the appropriate depreciation rate to use. …


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