Flexible and Active Learning

Article excerpt

MOST people would imagine walking into a flexible learning environment with 90 children working on small group projects would be a noisy experience. However, spread across three opened St Augustine's classrooms, the Year 6 students were not silent but they were quietly enthusiastic as they worked on their projects together.

aEducation is becoming active learning and student-focused and it's about making it relevant,a principal Dr Jake Madden said. aWe want students engaged in their work, so we need to find out what they're engaged in and we need to differentiate the curriculum to make sure the learning meets their needs.a

Describing a world where children will enter a workplace using tools which haven't yet been developed, Dr Madden believes schools should use existing technology, as well as developing critical thinking skills to engage new technologies as they arise.

aOur children are engaged in the technological revolution. In the digital education revolution, the focus is on technological pursuit and the onus is on us to use it in a meaningful way,a he said.

aIf they are using iPods, Nintendo Wii or DS for fun, then how do we use those types of devices to engage them in educationally focused outcomes? …


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