Cathy Hogan; Anglicare Co-Ordinator of the Foster, Kinship and Specialist Care Team

Article excerpt

HAVING always had a passion for child protection and a history in the education system, it was only natural that Cathy Hogan took up her current role.

As co-ordinator of the Anglicare Foster, Kinship and Specialist Care Team, Cathy enjoys assisting families to deal with life's challenges whether it is supporting a carer to develop a child on a protection order or being a part of reuniting a child with their family.

Cathy said her job was made that much more satisfying based on the team she worked with who were from different backgrounds and provide a variety of proactive ideas and skills.

aWomen are born problem solvers and have been the main nurturer of children in the past,'' she said.

aWe need both male and females in our team as children's life experiences lead them to have a preference for male or female; though it does help that women have the ability to multi task.''

Although she has been in her current role for six months, Cathy worked for Education Queensland for nearly 20 years and believes her personal life and her time as a child focused educator have given her the skills to flourish in her new role. …


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