Newspaper article News Mail Bundaberg Qld.

Wielding His Pen; Doug Gillett Meets the Man Behind the Satire, Broelman

Newspaper article News Mail Bundaberg Qld.

Wielding His Pen; Doug Gillett Meets the Man Behind the Satire, Broelman

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WHEN an expletive-ridden email spelled out in capital letters arrives in the inbox of award-winning editorial cartoonist Peter Broelman, he eases back into his office chair and grins.

The celebrated Australian illustrator decided against tertiary education in pursuit of a career in cartooning but can lay claim to graduating from the school of life with a Bachelor of Bastardry and first-class honours.

More than a few Australian politicians have smarted from of the sharp end of Broelman's felt-tip pen during his reign with the Bundaberg NewsMail and APN News and Media daily publications.

There is no stamp-embossed academic certificate hanging from the walls of his Adelaide studio but he has kept print-outs of a few strongly worded emails from the reading public as recognition of his work.

C[pounds sterling]Sometimes I'll cop an email complaining about a cartoon but they're usually full of swearing and baseless accusations and I think, well piss off then,C[yen] he says with a chuckle.

C[pounds sterling]They're the ones you tend to print out and stick up on your wall as a memento.C[yen]

Broelman sometimes tells people he was former Prime Minister John Howard's biggest supporter. He didn't like the bloke all that much, and disagreed with the majority of his policies, but voted in his favour in three federal elections.

C[pounds sterling]Yeah, I voted for him,C[yen] he says. C[pounds sterling]I wasn't his biggest fan but I voted for him every time because I knew he was going to keep me in material and keep me in a job.C[yen]

News and current affairs are Broelman's bread and butter. Fodder for a keen analytical eye and a brutal sense of humour. He wields his trusty pen like a samurai sword, slashing through the spin of public relations specialists and skewering the contradictions of the nation's political leaders with irreverence and humour.

Broelman can sometimes be found simultaneously ruffling his way through a newspaper, tuning his wireless in anticipation of an hourly radio bulletin and flicking his way through the news channels of his Foxtel subscription.

Each afternoon, the day's news agenda Co the swirling mass of sound bites, media conferences, quotations, claims and counter claims Co is funnelled through Broelman's mind and spat out in full colour on to a clean white A4 sheet. …

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