Newspaper article Sunshine Coast Daily (Maroochydore, Australia)

Learner Pulled over by an Officer with ,CyL' on His Forehead

Newspaper article Sunshine Coast Daily (Maroochydore, Australia)

Learner Pulled over by an Officer with ,CyL' on His Forehead

Article excerpt

I FELT so sorry for the learner driver going north on the highway at Forest Glen when an overzealous highway patrol car locked in behind the unfortunate young woman and then turned on the flashing lights and pulled her over.

I can't imagine what went through the poor girl's mind as she desperately indicated, crossed the inside lane and pulled over half way up an off ramp with Constable Plod right behind.

The only thing that I could think that she was doing wrong was travelling at 100km in a 110km zone.

I did give the policeman the benefit of the doubt in my mind, thinking he was just going to check her father's credentials and her learner's permit, but then I concluded that it was a cruel thing to do on behalf of the police department to scare the living daylights out of a beginner.

Come on constable, you must have been a learner once.

Had I been a little braver, I would have taken the L from the front of her car and placed it right in the middle of the forehead of the boy in blue.

Quiet night in

I MET a couple of true friends the other day at the north-bound Mobile garage opposite Moby Vics.

One's a cook, the other takes the orders and makes the tea and coffee.

Somehow we got to talking about what you do on the weekend.

It turned out the two friends, who live one house apart at Glasshouse, play scrabble once a week.

C[pounds sterling]Why? Because it got too expensive at the Tavern.

C[pounds sterling]We have the best night,C[yen] they said.

C[pounds sterling]We buy our own grog and stay home playing word games,C[yen] said the tea lady, glancing back at the cook.

C[pounds sterling]In fact, the more she drinks, the better she gets at scrabble.C[yen]

Queensland politics

GEE, isn't it amazing what a week can do here in Queensland?

Who would have thought that John Paul Young, er . …

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