Entrepreneurs Take to Social Marketing

Article excerpt

A SEISMIC shift is taking place in entrepreneurism across the globe and visionary business builders are putting social engagement at the centre of their enterprises, according to author Rachel Bots- man. And she said this didn't mean just having a Facebook or Twitter strategy.

C[pounds sterling]We are at the start of dramatic move from Cybrand me' to Cybrand we'. We want to be a part of communities that feed our social self Co the side of us that needs connection and belonging,C[yen] she said.

C[pounds sterling]Entrepreneurs are now referring to their audiences as members, not consumers.C[yen]

The rapid explosion of collaborative consumption is due to a perfect storm of four key drivers, she said.

They were: environmental awareness, a renewed sense of community Co virtual and real world, an economic downturn that has fundamentally shocked consumer behaviours, and a torrent of social technologies.

As a result there was a rapid explosion in swapping, sharing, bartering, trading and renting being reinvented in ways and on a scale never possible before.

If you have used a car sharing service such as GoGet, or sold something on eBay, or accessed movies through a service like BigPond, you have already participated in collaborative consumption.

C[pounds sterling]Airbnb, Zopa and Kickstarter are companies that have seized new peer-to-peer marketplaces and are tipped as some of the hottest start-ups in the world,C[yen] Ms Botsman said. …


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