Proof 'Muscles Are Good'; Cattle Farmers Hear Results of Research

Article excerpt


GROUNDBREAKING research released for the first time in Grafton yesterday has disproven a popular old wive's tale a that a[approximately]muscly' heifers are not as fertile less muscly beasts.

The research, conducted over 20 years and five generations of cattle at the Beef Industry Centre at Armidale, was headed up by Industry Investment NSW animal products research leader Bill McKiernan.

It was presented yesterday to some 90 cattle farmers and researchers at a Breeder Management Field Day, hosted by the Grafton Primary Industry Institute Research Station, otherwise known as the Ag Research Station at Trenayr.

Mr McKiernan explained there was clearly an economic advantage in increasing the muscle capacity of all cattle, but the common thought was that more muscle reduced fertility and that steers would not grow as fast if they were bred from a muscly cow.

But, he said, the research had shown that muscle levels had no impact on fertility nor did increased muscles in heifers have any growth reduction levels in steers. …


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