A Catholic School Has Banned a Christian Group from Holding a Meeting at Its Hall after Learning It Would Feature a US Speaker ,C[pounds Sterling]set Free from homosexuality,C[yen]

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CAN I make one thing 100% clear, being gay is not a choice. Do straight people choose to be straight? If I could have chosen to be straight, I would have. I would not have put myself through the bullying. Through the stress of having to come out. And right now I would probably be married with kids. I would love my wife and adore my children.

But I can't make myself feel things that aren't there. It would be a lie to me, to my potential future wife, and any kids that we may have.

QuestionMarkMan, Buderim

Don't discriminate

I DON'T think it is fair to say that this man who has changed which team he is batting for is a fraud. Maybe he did in fact have a change of sexual preference? To judge him is no different to judging people who are homosexual... it's all discrimination.

Roses from Glass House Mountains

Sexuality a choice

WATCH the ruthless and repressive homosexual lobby wade in from all points of the compass.

Having been freed from bullying by a tolerant mainstream community, they now vilify anyone who produces evidence that conflicts with their objectives. …


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