Newspaper article The Observer (Gladstone, Australia)

Delegation Key to Team Skill Building

Newspaper article The Observer (Gladstone, Australia)

Delegation Key to Team Skill Building

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THE Pareto Principle suggests that 20% of our activities generate 80% of our resultsC* so it makes sense we should spend 80% of our time on those particular activities.

How many of us are majoring in the minors? Spending too much time on activities that are not in our core genius?

When you are operating within your core genius, you are doing tasks which you are good at, that you love to do and that give you the best return on the time you have invested.

Consider all those tasks you are currently doing that do not fall into these critical activities, and which would be better performed by someone else, and delegate them.

Consider the opportunity cost of you doing a task that could be delegatedC* how could you have better spent that time?

Delegation is one of the keys to better time management and skill building. And I am talking about delegation here, not abrogation.

Before we commence any task, we should ask ourselves these questions in this orderC*

Should I dump this? Co will it add any value to me, my team or my organisation?

Can I delegate this? Co is it something that someone else can do? Is it outside my core genius?

Can I do it now? Co is it that important and urgent that it needs my attention immediately?

Can I decide when to do it? Co remember this is delegating to yourself in the future. Block out the time.

I call this the four Ds Co my suggestion is that you keep these four words where you can see them each day as a reminder Co this process needs to become a habit.

If we know delegation is an important key for our success, why don't we delegate more often? I hear excuses such as:

No Time Co I have no time to teach a team member the tasks.

No Energy Co It takes a lot of energy to follow-up and keep team members on task for success.

I Can Do It Better Co I know what needs to be done and can do it better and faster so I'll just do it.

Why Should I? Co Why should I train someone to do my job?

If you are in a leadership position, part of your job is to take the time and the energy to train others to do more so that you, your team, and your organisation are more successful. …

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