Newspaper article Daily News (Warwick, Australia)

Dusty Gets Glammed Up and Mixes It with the Richer Set

Newspaper article Daily News (Warwick, Australia)

Dusty Gets Glammed Up and Mixes It with the Richer Set

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Episode 48High fliers and crocs

THE women have taken the cocktail party invitation to heart Co short skirts, high heels, low necklines, jewellery.

Janet takes photos, I write down names.

Clay holds court at a table of developers. He throws his arms wide. C[pounds sterling]All I want is to spend some money. Has to be someone who wants to help me.C[yen] He gives a mock sad look, a couple of people laugh.

For someone who's just back in town Clay seems to have a lot of friends, and in the right places.

Maybe he'd been talking business with Manny Co no one's mentioned it, but it's a possibility. I wonder whether he is involved with drugs, whether these high flyers know, if they care. This seems like a world where money is money, no questions asked.

Janet lines up Clay and his wife, Juanita, for a photo. In the background a tank with rocks, trees, a creek, several crocodiles. Juanita reminds me of Amanda, sophisticated and rich. Janet points the camera, Clay smiles, lots of pointed teeth, she pushes the button, the flash fires.

Not far away Max Cash and Benton Smythe and their wives chat.

C[pounds sterling]Max, we met today, Dusty Dexter. This is Janet, she's a photo journalist. She'd like to take your photo for the newspaper.C[yen]

I suppose Manny would have been here.

C[pounds sterling]Is Amanda coming tonight, Max?C[yen]

C[pounds sterling]Should be here any minute. Party's in honour of Manny.C[yen]

No one told me that.

Max motions to me, moves away from the group.

C[pounds sterling]I was thinking about what you said today, about Amanda having Manny followed. You sure?C[yen]

C[pounds sterling]Yep. Red was following him.C[yen]

C[pounds sterling]Did she find anything?C[yen]

C[pounds sterling]No.C[yen]

C[pounds sterling]How long did she follow him?C[yen]

C[pounds sterling]Don't know. …

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