Newspaper article Sunshine Coast Daily (Maroochydore, Australia)

Peter Spendalot's Pricey Spree

Newspaper article Sunshine Coast Daily (Maroochydore, Australia)

Peter Spendalot's Pricey Spree

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LIKE most people I've been appalled by the antics of the Member for Fisher. I'm guessing his 43-day travel itinerary looked something like this...

Pete probably started his junket..I mean..fact finding mission in Spain. He was laying by the pool on banana lounges. Then he moved onto Paris, visiting the Louvre to see if Australian artist's work could cut the mustard in Europe.

Then he went over the ditch, to the UK to visit Lizzie. This was the most important part of the trip Co asking the Queen for a loan to purchase more educational magazines and cover his retirement.

While in London, he was scheduled to meet Prime Minister David Cameron Co the meeting agenda said to discuss C[pounds sterling]parliamentary rules and etiquetteC[yen]. What they really talked about was another matter, with Cameron saying how many times he wished he could have fallen asleep during parliament. Then Pete was off to Germany, but instead of flying he took a taxi from London to Berlin. At the time, this seemed like the cheaper option he thought.

After accumulating a taxi fare the size of Ireland's financial debt, he decided to hire a car Co a Mercedes of course. He used the car to drive up and down the Autobahn for an entire week, finding out how a real highway is built. Not like the local Bruce Highway in his electorate...


Peregian Springs

After all, we put him there

WITH the greatest respect, this continued revelation (Daily, April 20) of the appalling financial manipulation by the Member for Fisher, Peter Slipper, together with the AFP's visit to his electoral office, really is the last straw.

Having personally witnessed his utter C[pounds sterling]waste of spaceC[yen] in the Parliamentary chamber, where he did nothing but read two newspapers, cover to cover, during the Parliament's sitting session, I have nothing but contempt for this C[pounds sterling]parasite on the public purseC[yen]. …

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