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Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

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Yes, the state of New York overruled itself and will allow the summer camps and daycare centers it regulates to let children play games such as tag, red rover, kickball and wiffleball - without the need to pay additional money to the state for things such as on-site nurses to treat the possible trauma of getting whacked on the head by a plastic ball.

But don't let these bureaucrats completely off the hook. Someone sat in an office at the New York Department of Health and thought this was a good idea. Someone else signed off on it. Contrary to some of the hysterics, the games were never banned but the idea might have been worse than banning games: The health department was going to force those facilities to pay additional regulation fees and hire medical personnel if activities on the list were going to take place.

Yeah, real smart in this day and age: Do something to force people to pay more money to the government, albeit indirectly, since you know camps and other such facilities would have had to raise their fees.

The responsibility is difficult to pin down because the bureaucrats in charge are blaming it on the previous administration of Gov. David Paterson. No matter. The public outcry was enough to get the measure rescinded and kickball and wiffleball will go on without more regulation and money.

But what kind of mentality does this in the first place? At a time when First Lady Michelle Obama is launching campaigns to prevent child obesity and parents everywhere moan about how kids want to sit in air conditioning and play video games or cruise malls as their only form of exercise, someone in a position of authority in New York decided the only safe activity at summer camps was making potholders.

Talk about mixed signals from your government. …

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