Newspaper article The Daily Mercury (Mackay, Australia)

Reassuring Public That It's All Safe

Newspaper article The Daily Mercury (Mackay, Australia)

Reassuring Public That It's All Safe

Article excerpt

TRAGIC death, sympathies to his family. Safety procedures in place, no risk to the visiting public. She asks him about the gun. He looks uncomfortable as he reinforces the security story. No guns on the premises. Family tourist attraction. He's getting into the swing of it, starts on the expansion when she pulls him up.

C[pounds sterling]Dr Evans, I heard a number of guests at the function witnessed the attack. Are these people being offered counselling? It must have been a traumatic experience for them.C[yen]

He looks nonplussed, recovers. C[pounds sterling]We will certainly be happy to offer help to anyone who was at all traumatised by last night's tragic accident.C[yen]

Should sign up Janet.

That's it.

I dress. Today I'm a PR girl. Black skirt, well above the knee, V-neck red knit top with a black ruffle down the front. Heels. Hair on top of the head. I add two spikes to the hair Co one black, one red. I think Lucy Liu would approve. I pick up the laptop.

Evan's in his office.

C[pounds sterling]What's with the glasses?C[yen]

C[pounds sterling]Good morning, Dusty. I usually wear contacts.C[yen]

C[pounds sterling]So why the glasses?C[yen]

C[pounds sterling]Ex-wife used to say they made me look intellectual.C[yen]

C[pounds sterling]No. Surveys have shown people with glasses are seen as less trustworthy than people without glasses. Look like they're hiding something. Tank looked clean.C[yen]

C[pounds sterling]Spent all night cleaning it.C[yen]

The glasses accentuate his eyes, they're red. He's had as much sleep as Hank.

C[pounds sterling]Heard you pulled the gun out of the sea snake tank with your bare hands.C[yen]

C[pounds sterling]Not that stupid. Only got small mouths, but if they bite you you're dead.C[yen]

Wonder where Hank got his information. And if Evan was wearing the gloves how did his fingerprints get on the gun? …

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