Newspaper article Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)

Readers' Poems

Newspaper article Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)

Readers' Poems

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GREAT HAPPINESS A day of great happiness was spent, On Friday April 29th of this year, By countless people.

Full of cheer, they saw A beautiful wedding ceremony, Of two young people, William and Catherine, Destined to be, Our kingdom's king and queen. If unable to participate, Among the enormous crowds, We were sitting, glued to the TV screen, Watching the touching, solemn procedure, It reminded us of similar occasions, And brought memories, Of other joyful celebrations, Remembered with fondness By the nation.

We admired the handsome groom William, in his red, eye-catching uniform.

He looked with adoring pride, At his lovely bride, Standing dressed in magical, Lacy white, by his side.

Before God, they promised to love, Honour and never forsake, Each other in all circumstances And events, which fate might Throw at them, throughout Their long life ahead. We will remember this special day, And wish William and Catherine, The best of luck in their future life. We hope they will be happy and healthy, And live together joyfully, Content, as husband and wife!


THE RAIN CAME The rain came And it was a miracle It was only light But it's just what The farmers need Without water What would we be Yet I turn on the tap And watch it flow Where does it come from I don't know And how my heart beats It's a miracle The silence of my room I don't mind being alone I have my memories And the years to hold Like bars of gold Rich in glory And the seeds are Waiting under the ground To spread their wings To fly and birds Are feeding their young In the noonday sun KENNETH MOOD, Swalwell.

A DARK CORNER A secret makes no sound, it lives forever silent In your darkest corner, It sits and waits to be called upon, it is not empowered, Nor can it remain unknown, For it to exist it must be given freely to another.

It is then that it becomes a reality within the hearts and Minds shared, Until the moment the secret can no longer be contained; A secret's freedom is awesome, its knowledge dangerous, Friendship, a lover's vow, carefully nurtured, understanding Becomes frail, Furtive eyes, sidelong glances, whispered asides, have Replaced open, honest words. A secret has no sound in its dark corner, for its release is As a ghastly scream of pain, Your darkest corner is darker, for it has emptied itself upon Another and now contains nothing at all.

GEORGE CARRICK, Cramlington.

THE SPECIAL BREW She stirs the cauldron round and round The mixture makes a gurgling sound, It bubbles up and pops as well And emits a ghastly awful smell. The stuff that goes into this pot Are names unknown, as like as not, There's eye of frog and spit of toad The recipe has a secret code.

A touch of snake, I'm not surprised With bits and bobs all neatly guised, The steam it rises in small curls Up to the roof it whirls and whirls. …

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