Newspaper article Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)

Little's Changed; Your Say

Newspaper article Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)

Little's Changed; Your Say

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I HATE to be a spoilsport but I cannot join in the rejoicings of some readers who praise Ray Mallon's achievements as mayor without telling us what those achievements are.

In response to two who had letters published on May 9 - the courage of Mr and Mrs Bonsteel is remarkable. They write regularly about anti-social behaviour in Thorntree and have endured attacks as a consequence. So after nine years of Ray Mallon's "achievements", what has changed? Percy Potts informs us that "Ray Mallon is the right man in the right job and the people of Middlesbrough know a good thing when they see it". The turnout for the election was 36.5% (just over one third) and Ray Mallon got 50.4% (just over half) of 36.5%. So Mallon was supported by just over one in six of the electorate (actually 18.6%).

Because I was brought up in Grove Hill I cannot get my attachment to and interest in the place out of my system. So I have looked at the election results for Grove Hill in the last three council elections and am surprised to find that as more and more flats and houses were boarded up and demolished the numbers of people voting increased and so did the Labour vote.

Each voter had two votes. 2003 votes recorded 1,298; 2007 - 1,335; 2011 - 1,928. Labour wins each time.

2003: Bob Kerr Labour 333 votes, Linda Wilson Labour 309, 2007 Bob Kerr Lab 563, Charles Rooney 451; 2011: Bob Kerr 743, Charles Rooney 573. Bob Kerr's vote increased by 410.

It's odd. The law of diminishing returns clearly has to be rewritten.

BERT WARD, Marton * * * * * * LABOUR Party Local Government chairman Andy Mcdonald says "Mohammed Bashir's criticism of me is so wide of the mark as to be laughable, I did not leak correspondence to the Gazette."

He was referring to the letter sent to the mayoral Labour candidate Mike Carr c/o of his agent. His letter asking whether Mike Carr had received financial aid from Mr Bashir was clearly designed to undermine Mike Carr, a fellow Labour Party member. …

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