Astral Peeks; the Cosmology of Mindfulness

Article excerpt

IT WOULD take thousands of Earths to fill Jupiter. It would take thousands of Jupiters to fill Saturn, and it would take thousands of Saturns to fill the Sun. You could fit, 1,395,000 Earths inside the sun Co we are a small galaxy in a cosmos of much bigger galaxies.

We are diminutive individuals on a small Earth in a small galaxy. This acknowledgment of our minuteness should not make us feel vulnerable, rather it should provide us with the vast freedoms of insignificance. When we realise how comparatively unimportant we are, we take our lives less seriously, we lose our judgmental attitude, we allow ourselves to wonder at the largess around us, we recognise something greater than the self.

Mindfulness connects us to more than the moment and the self in the moment. It allows us to connect to the entire universe or in other words to expand and develop a real interest in the world outside of the self. …


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