Newspaper article The Queensland Times (Ipswich, Australia)

Strict Rules Stop My Blood Donation

Newspaper article The Queensland Times (Ipswich, Australia)

Strict Rules Stop My Blood Donation

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I WAS reading in the QT on Saturday the 11th about the two boys that give blood. And how they want this to get more people to donate. All I have to say is that I would donate blood but one of the conditions is that you can not have had same sex in the last 12 months. Don't you think that is a bit sexist? Wouldn't the blood that I donate be scanned before it is used for someone else? Annoyed, Brassall

CAN the mayor and his council tell us ratepayers what they have done with the money they received from the state and federal government for flood infrastructure? The only work I see getting done is some roads being resurfaced. The only problem is, these roads were in a poor condition before the floods and were not affected by flood water. B. Green, Newtown

GOVERNMENT bans export of cattle because of cruelty. When coal is exported and used in other countries it's harmful to humans and the environment so we are led to believe, but that export is okay because the government makes heaps of money out of that one.

Peter, Rosewood

I DON'T want to wait until mid 2013 for my set top box. I would like my $350 to buy the homeless warm blankets.

John Flynn, Raceview

I AM in total agreement with those readers who rebuked S Boyce on his narrow minded views. Alas, however, your comments will only spur him on to spout more self-righteous venom. In his mind, the more ridicule he receives from Cysinners' like us, the better Christian he is being. He believes he is speaking for what is true and right. But read your Bible Mr B and you will learn how Jesus stood up for and befriended the underdogs and minority groups in society at that time. It is up to God alone to judge all of us.

MMC Bellbird Park

TO Rob Snell, here you go again running down ALP. Can Do will not do much as mayor. The bikes are not being used, tunnels not used, floating walkway washed away. …

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