Newspaper article The Chronicle (Toowoomba, Australia)

Women Epitomise the Over-50 Attitude

Newspaper article The Chronicle (Toowoomba, Australia)

Women Epitomise the Over-50 Attitude

Article excerpt

Byline: Sarah Green

DO you ever come across people who you just want to spend all day with, people that you can never get enough of?

Frances Holmes believes that is the definition of beauty.

aThey are radiant,a she said. aIt's their positive attitude. It's their knowledge of the world. It's this adon't mess with me attitudea. It's their sense of humour.a

It was this statement that came to mind when I met with Frances and her friends Ann McCarthy, Annette Gollan, Paula Halford and Selma Jones, who epitomise the saying a over 50 and fabulous.

Their laughter was infectious and I found myself absorbed by the beauty and wanted to stay and listen to their stories.

Last month Frances, who runs her own event company as well as being a life management coach, turned 53 and said she had never felt more beautiful.

This thought is a minority in her age group according to Dove's Global Survey where only 2% of the 3000 women over 50 years surveyed thought they were beautiful. Nine percent described themselves as aattractivea, while 29% described themselves as aaveragea.

Frances said the truth was if you are a female and over 50 chances were you had felt invisible. Young men look straight past you and teenage shop assistants address you as aMadam.a

aI think most of us need a reminder of what we have instead of what we have lost,a she said.

aYou can fight Mother Nature with Botox and hang out at night clubs or you can get to know yourself. Spend the time with yourself and appreciate the wisdom that only come with age and build on your confidence.a

The group of ladies at the table broke out into a roar of laughter as Frances relayed the story from a recent event.

aWe were at a wedding and went up to dance with my friends and we were really grooving,a she said.

aI looked around the room and realised all the younger girls didn't want to look un-cool and in the meanwhile my girl friends and I were laughing, dancing, singing and having the time of our lives. I guess we were dancing like there was no one watching.

aIt was then I had my a-ha moment. When you can't compete with the younger girls in the looks department, and sooner or later that will happen, you finally become more attune to who you are on the inside.a

Ann McCarthy said she never even thought of what age she was rather what age she felt.

aYou learn to appreciate and be grateful for what you have,a she said.

aI have never seen being over 50 as a barrier at all.a

In a world full of anti-aging propaganda these women are showing that it is the aging which makes women beautiful rather than it being an imperfection that needs to be corrected.

This is something Selma Jones embraces.

aI don't even associate birthdays numerically as ominously getting older but see them as an opportunity of getting wiser, becoming more understanding and tolerant and appreciating the a[approximately]little things' everyday,a Selma said. …

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