All-Stars; Poised for Success Selected for All-Around Strength in Academics, Extracurricular Activities and Community Service, These Standouts Reflect on Past Successes While Sharing Their Future Plans

Article excerpt

Katie Bauman

Episcopal High School

She's taken younger students under her wing, "maxed out" her school's academic curriculum and nabbed seven varsity sports letters.

Parents: Greg and Catherine Bauman

College: Princeton University

Greatest lesson: At track practice while trying to run a perfect 100-meter hurdle and misstepping after the third hurdle and stopping, my coach told me, "You are going to make mistakes but you have to keep going." I have applied this to all that I do.

Best high school memory: Running from the stage at the end of a play, across campus changing from my costume into my jersey and onto the soccer field in time for kickoff.

Greatest high school achievement: Writing a research paper on the One Child policy in China that has influenced the direction I plan to take in my future.

Dream job: Studying policies and their impacts on society here and abroad to improve people's lives, and then eventually becoming an author.

I most admire: Someone who strives to reach their upmost potential not only for themselves but to help others as well.

Ten years from now, I'll be: Traveling and researching, possibly for a non-governmental organization or a nonprofit.

Jacob Bellinger

Douglas Anderson School of the Arts

He's an AP scholar, a thespian who performs in anti-drug plays for younger students and a writer who has been published in literary magazines ... and did we mention he's got a book deal in the works?

Parents: Josue and Cheryl Bellinger

College: Florida State University

Greatest lesson: Everyone deserves a place in your mind but not everyone deserves a piece of your heart. Sometimes being young gets the best of us, but it's those that believe in sticking it out that are truly successful in life.

Best high school memory: Being my school's first Homecoming King. It sounds silly but knowing most of your peers thought you deserved five minutes of fame and a shiny Dollar Store crown really made me smile.

Greatest high school achievement: Getting my first book deal and knowing I'll spend this summer writing something worth reading. I'm currently working on a collection of short stories with poems in between them. It's titled "The Boleyn Effect."

Dream job: Professional novelist/poet

I most admire: People that have a story to tell. Whenever someone tells them to keep quiet or let it go, there are certain people in this world that will always be outspoken. Those are the ones that change the world.

Ten years from now, I'll be: Laying out in South Beach, writing about the people passing by, and thinking of another way to make the world fall in love with me.

Joseph Bolling

Stanton College Preparatory School

He's made the most of his summer vacations, earning college credit at space camp, camping with Boy Scouts and going to Peru on a mission trip to perform vision tests on low-income residents.

Parents: Jim and Lisa Bolling

College: Princeton University

Greatest lesson: Very little in life is black and white. Science encourages us to look for the simple cause-effect relationships in the world around us, but when it comes to people and our societies, "cause and effect" can be a dangerous oversimplification. Life's challenge is to appreciate its complexity and find ways to thrive regardless.

Best high school memory: Traveling between the State Science Fair in Orlando and the State Thespian Festival in Tampa three times over the course of a week. I got to exhibit my science project on kinematics, perform as Simba in "Hakuna Matata," and enjoy the company of two entirely different groups of people.

Greatest high school achievement: Winning the Florida Regional with my FIRST Robotics team. We had six weeks to build a 120-pound robot that could play soccer and cross obstacles. …


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