Newspaper article Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)

We're Floored.Or Should That Be We're Grounded?

Newspaper article Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)

We're Floored.Or Should That Be We're Grounded?

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Byline: Mick Smith

Send your items for Feedback to: MICK SMITH, assistant editor, Evening Chronicle, Groat Market, Newcastle NE1 1ED SOMETIMES it seems the art of letter writing is a dying form, confined to an all-too gentler age.

Hastily dashed off e-mails, illthought memos and scrawled post-it notes mean properly crafted letters, missives moulded with love, are a thing of increasingly rare beauty.

This is one of the many delights of occupying the Feedback chair.

For while Feedback readers quite rightly use all forms of communication - why, I even remember once receiving a particularly threatening note on what appeared to be used loo roll! - a handwritten letter still fills me with delight.

Never more so than when the handwriting is as wonderfully legible as Mrs Anne MacPherson's and the contents so cogently argued.

Mrs Mac', of Felling, Gateshead, knocked us down over our confused use of the words ground and floor.

"Time after time I read in your paper that someone 'fell to the ground' when they were inside a building, or were 'lying on the floor' when, in fact, they were outside in the street. "My dictionary tells me that 'floor' means the lower surface of a room, 'ground' means the outside land surface.

"In the Chronicle on June 4 the front page story about a burglar was the worst example to date. The report read that the victims of the burglar had 'tackled him to the ground and kept him pinned to the floor until police arrived'.

"What a misuse of common, everyday words!

"Give your reporters a few lessons and buy them a dictionary please!" Consider it done, Mrs Mac. MY thanks go once more to Mr Les May who featured in this column a week or so ago.

Mr May, of Gateshead, had raised the issue of refuse collection charges and quite rightly wasn't amused by my misplaced mirth.

Soundly ticking me off, he wrote: "Just in case you are not aware I have been for the last 56 years sending comments to the Gateshead Post (now extinct) and the Chronicle seeing many editors off into retirement! …

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