Collecting Data; Traffic Figures Will Help Businesses Target Drivers

Article excerpt


ROSE City traffic figures collated by Transport and Main Roads could soon be used to help local businesses.

The department is in the preliminary stages of collecting travel time data, which they said would be used to investigate travel routes, where motorists arrive from and the length of time motorists stop in Warwick.

This information could be collected from small machines, believed to be perched on guide posts. The machines would only gather statistics purely related to road usage Co no personal information would be stored.

When Warwick Chamber of Commerce's Dave Littleproud received a briefing about the data collection, he saw its potential in assisting businesses.

C[pounds sterling]It will probably reinforce what a lot of business owners already know and where a lot of the market is coming from and what routes they use,C[yen] he said.

C[pounds sterling]But it will help narrow it down. It's going to be more specific rather than anecdotal Co we'll be able to have some hard and fast data.

C[pounds sterling]It will be interesting to tell the direction of cars coming in to town and back out and whether they're coming in on the highway or not. …


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