Newspaper article Fraser Coast Chronicle (Hervey Bay, Australia)

With GlennWinney

Newspaper article Fraser Coast Chronicle (Hervey Bay, Australia)

With GlennWinney

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WHILE we might talk about living in a capitalist world with free trade, it is amazing how much the government has an influence on the outcome of all business.

This is not merely on a regulation basis or the amount of taxes we pay.

It is about business confidence and how the private sector sees the future panning out under certain governments.

The property sector in particular needs certainty in order to attract investors.

We realise that at a federal level there are big issues such as carbon taxes, government stability, live exports, our country's future direction as well as the Reserve Bank rates and our stock exchange that have a major influence on the top end of the market.

On a state level we are concerned with more localised issues like stamp duty, government spending on schools, health, roads and future infrastructure projects.

These issues determine the viability of regional centres as well as city areas, which then dictates how and where business invests, where resources are situated, how much capital will be placed into fixed infrastructure, job creation and funding monies.

The more stability in a region the more certainty for future outcomes and the more the private sector will invest in fixed assets and capital expenditure. In regional areas like the Fraser Coast local government will impact all small businesses from the retailer through to tourism and especially the construction and development industry. Stability plays a huge role in the entire property industry because without confidence in private enterprise developers won't spend in capital for the future.

They won't create the supermarkets the regions need, the land subdivisions or office blocks without having some solid mid to long-term projections on how that city will increase in population and value and how the governments will help create jobs through economic strategies. …

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