Newspaper article Daily Examiner (Grafton, Australia)

THE MUG PUNTER; Local Identities in Betting Challenge

Newspaper article Daily Examiner (Grafton, Australia)

THE MUG PUNTER; Local Identities in Betting Challenge

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AHHH yes, the mug punter.

Those creatures of habit who frequent bars telling anyone who cares to listen of how they were hard done by on the punt.

The same guys who sit at the pub tab on a Saturday arvo clutching a beer and sweating on the odd chance they might back a winner.

And when they do, they love nothing better than letting all and sundry know with cries of ago you good thinga and ayou bloody beautya.

The Examiner decided to look at the life of a mug punter in detail and with the July Racing Carnival in full swing two seasoned punters have agreed to tell their story.

Glenn Mills and Mark Ward both typify what the mug punter is all about.

But what makes them tick?

Well readers are just about to find out.

Roches Hotel and the Australian Hotel South Grafton have lined the pockets of their popular partons with $100.

Glenn and Mark will have $50 each to bet on Wednesday's Ramornie Handicap and $50 on which horse they believe will be first past the winning post in the Grafton Cup.

It's a case of afate against fatea.

The Examiner will follow the exploits of both punters as they strive for supremacy on the race track in a bid to win the battle of the local watering holes

No pressure there.

So let's size-up these two so-called know-alls of the track looking at their betting pedigree and recent form.

Name: Glen Mills.

Nickname: Benny.

Age: 53.

Local watering hole: Roches Hotel.

Recent form on the punt: Devastating after last Saturday. Had an absolute shocker.

Last winner backed in Ramornie and Cup: I backed the winner of the Cup a couple of years ago and backed plenty of winners in the Ramornie.

At what age did you have your first bet and do you remember the occasion? I was a bout 12. I bet on the horses and the dogs at Grafton. My first bet was on a dog trained by my old man called Minnie Eden...and it won.

How did you get interested in the racing game? …

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