Newspaper article The Daily Mercury (Mackay, Australia)

Bluejuice Likes the Company Bluejuice Heads for Deep North in Good Company

Newspaper article The Daily Mercury (Mackay, Australia)

Bluejuice Likes the Company Bluejuice Heads for Deep North in Good Company

Article excerpt

Byline: Tom Williams and Fallon Hudson

LIKE most sons Bluejuice's Starvos Yiannoukas sometimes reluctantly listens to his mother's advice.

Before his dial-up with The Mix, he was on the phone to his mother and wouldn't rule out that she, like all mothers, has this weird sixth sense when it comes to their offspring.

C[pounds sterling]I'm in my home in Sydney and I think I have to calm my nerves after a conversation with my mum, which went along the lines of.... CyThe plant I gave you needs watering and mobile phones give you cancer?'

C[pounds sterling]I know all of this stuff; I am not going to stop using a mobile phone... I do love her,C[yen] he jokes.

It is the kind of opening conversation you would expect from one of the members of Bluejuice, who have reined supreme on many stages across the country for their quirky and left-of-centre style, that is hard not to love.

Bluejuice will be in Mackay on July 27 where they will perform at Mainstreet Nightclub and will be part of the band's first headline tour in north Queensland.

While planning their road trip north the boys have also been finishing off their third album Company.

As the name suggests, the band had a lot of C[pounds sterling]companyC[yen] on this album, which has diversified the sound of the group.

C[pounds sterling]Well I was saying the other day that it is an album that we can all be proud of it is excellent from start to finish

C[pounds sterling]There has been a whole bunch of collaborators on this album and it feels like we have taken all the bands strengths and highlighted them.

C[pounds sterling]It feels like there has been a community built around this record, we have had one of the other vocalist Jake's (Stone) two sisters sing on it and our drummer's brother plays guitar and sings, we also had Tom from Papa Vs Pretty put down some guitar as well as written songs with Alex from Sparkadia, Julian Hamilton from The PresetsC[yen].

Along with a long line of home-grown and family help Bluejuice also has their music travel overseas where it was produced in New York and mixed in the UK. …

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