Newspaper article News Mail Bundaberg Qld.

Why Go Berko at Burqa Wearers?

Newspaper article News Mail Bundaberg Qld.

Why Go Berko at Burqa Wearers?

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The world


to Jack

with Jack McGovern

CLOTHING in general just doesn't make sense to me. Oh, please don't get me wrong.

A necessity? Of course. A way to express one's self? Certainly.

So, why can't women wear burqas?

First and foremost, it must be said that when it comes to actually engaging myself in the ever-advancing, self-reinventing phenomenon that is the fashion world, I simply have no idea. Once I've successfully avoided the well-known yet unfortunately common fashion crimes such as throwing denim on denim, publicly wearing footy shorts anywhere that's not an actual football match and wearing pants so tight that much-needed sock wouldn't even fit in them, then I'm more than happy with my outfit of choice.

Others' opinions may differ somewhat, but I still get to keep my clothes on.

I really do know nothing about what shirt should go with what skirt or similar dilemmas, and I'm therefore no one to judge. But then, none of us are. Even if you had a Scrabble set of letters after your name for qualifications in the fashion field, you would still have no right to tell people what they should or shouldn't wear in public Co I don't see why the humble burqa should be any different.

There are some things we will just never understand.

It could be said that we will never accurately figure out just how the dinosaurs' days were ended. I, for one, will never understand why a dog will run in fear when one blows gently in its face, yet eagerly pops the head out of the window at 100kmh to sniff the much harsher breeze. I also never used to understand why my mother was so desperate for my room to be tidied; incidentally, I still don'tC*

However, on a more global scale, we in the western world will probably never understand why some Muslim women wear burqas. But, do we even need to?

Much has been made over the past few weeks over the appropriateness of women sporting the well-documented headpieces in public. …

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